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brad pitt

Brad Pitt was born on december 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Full name William Bradley Pitt has became the most desired man everywhere in the world. Maybe no one in the history of film has elicited so many women in interviews to say "I'd only do a nude scene with brad pitt". Even added to that desire is the fact that many of brad pitt's co-stars have dated the man voted in People Magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive in 1994. brad pitt comes from a strongly Baptist family. He was raised in Springfield, Missouri. brad pitt's dad, Bill, is a trucking company manager, and brad pitt mother, Jane, is a high school counselor. No doubt several of her counseling hours were convincing her students to get rid of the fantasy of dating brad pitt. brad pitt graduated from Kickapoo High and soon after heading to the University of Missouri. Nevertheless brad pitt dropped his plans for majoring in advertising and set out to fulfill his boyhood dream, becoming an actor in Hollywood. When brad pitt left, he lied to his parents and told them brad pitt was going to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. At first brad pitt got a bunch of odd jobs wearing a chicken costume for El Pollo Loco and driving strippers around for bachelor parties in a limo.

brad pitt didn't have to embarrass himself too long before getting roles in Dallas and Cutting Class, the latter in which brad pitt met and dated Jill Schoelen. brad pitt's role in the movie Thelma & Louise rocketed himself into the hot hunks of Hollywood status and caught the attention of co-star Geena Davis, whom brad pitt also dated briefly. brad pitt then starred in Too Young To Die? with Juliette Lewis. Perhaps the title should have been, Too Young for California Law as brad pitt had a lengthy relationship with the then 16 year old Lewis whom he also starred with in Kalifornia. brad pitt then made a name for himself as a good actor and not just a tightly abed pin-up when brad pitt starred in A River Runs Through It and Interview With A Vampire. Pitt then followed up with Seven, where once again brad pitt sacked his co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, the relationship stretched over 2 1/2 years and included a period of engagement as well. The couple since split and the rumored reason for the breakup was in part because of Gwyneth's resistance to pleasure brad pitt.. err, shall we say, orally! brad pitt then put out his first Oscar nominated performance with the movie 12 Monkeys. brad pitt greatest work, however, may have been with Seven Years In Tibet, a role incidentally which caused brad pitt to be banned from the country of China for his role. brad pitt desire to distance himself from the pretty boy rolls caused him to jump on the script for Fight Club, a movie in which several of his female followers were repulsed by.

Besides dating several of his co-stars, brad pitt has dated several other celebrities as well, and what would you expect, since he could easily score any single (or even most married) woman in Hollywood? Brad's first celebrity dating was with Robin Givens in 1989, and the romance was quickly extinguished by crazed boxer and ex-husband Mike Tyson. brad pitt rebounded from his relationship with the very young Lewis with Jitka Pohlodek. He also spent some time with Katja von Garnier, who was actually Pitt's age in this case when they dated in 1997. Others rumored to have pleasured Brad not already mentioned include Nicole Appleton, Demi Moore, Julia Ormond, and Uma Thurman. brad pitt's current girl toy and wife is Jennifer Aniston. Although some gossip mongers have said Pitt was shacking up with Kelly Brook while in the UK filming the movie Fight Club. Pitt and Aniston lead a very reclusive life as a couple, many of their friends claim it is impossible to get the two to ever go out.brad pitt even bought the homes to either side of his house to ensure privacy. Part of the speculation surrounding their privacy is the fact that the two are both insanely jealous of each other and cannot trust each other apart. Aniston is especially jealous of Gwyneth to the point where brad pitt has began performing a cross eyed imitation of Paltrow to calm her down, her friends say. Speculation from the Globe incorrectly said Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's child, which was later proven false. Also swirling over the couple is the allegation that they are both pot heads, although we haven't seen a "Pamela & Tommy stolen video tape" type evidence to prove it! brad pitt has appeared in the nude in Playgirl magazine and he wasn't too happy about his naked pictures appearing in it. brad pitt sued Playgirl and got a judge to order the 'recall' of the sold out August 1997 issue. brad pitt besides being the desire of every woman (including even lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge whom admitted to such in an interview) is the desire of many homosexual men. Several gossip mongers even claim that Pitt is bisexual, although there seems no concrete evidence to support such claims.Perhaps its a case where these men 'wish' he was bisexual as the National Examiner recently quoted from the editor of the Gay and Lesbian Times "He's a gay icon." Topping the list of celebrity women lusting after brad pitt is Britney Spears, the internet's darling who admitted to her crush but was disheartened to learn she got beat to the punch by Aniston, whom Pitt married July 29, 2000 amid a huge amount of press coverage and celebrity attendees.

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