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confessions of a teenage drama queen

Everything is just oh-so-dramatic for 15-year-old Mary, aka Lola (Lindsay Lohan), who is uprooted from her beloved New York City by her artist mother (Glenne Headly) and forced to live in what she thinks is the dregs of New Jersey suburbia. Once there, however, the wanna-be actress decides she'll make a difference in her high school, and stand out among the common folk and show them what true art is all about. Of course, with an attitude like that, Lola immediately gets on the bad side of the school's most popular--and mean-spirited--girl Carla (Megan Fox) but makes fast friends with the meek Ella (Alison Pill) when they both discover they worship the same rock band called Sidarthur. Lola soon proves with unstoppable determination that whatever Lola wants, Lola gets; she stands up to the evil Carla, wins the lead role in the school musical and has the adventure of a lifetime trying to see a Sidarthur concert in New York with Ella. Yet, Lola comes to realize that while being the premiere drama queen, she sometimes has to come back down to earth to see what really matters in life.

Lindsay Lohan, a Disney favorite who has truly become the Hayley Mills of this generation, has the same bebop freshness she displayed in other Disney fare, including last year's mega hit Freaky Friday, and is the best choice to play the ultimate Teenage Drama Queen. Yet, if you strip away all the sparkle and showmanship, could Lohan hold her own playing a real, honest-to-goodness dramatic role? At least the actress has far more potential than, say, that other teen fave, Hilary Duff (who supposedly has a real-life feud going on with Lohan. Talk about drama). Alison Pill, on the other hand, who did a nice job playing the forgotten sister in the indie film Pieces of April, is the one to watch out for. She illustrates far more depth as best friend Ella, who is transformed from a mouse to a lion under Lola's influence. The scenes where Ella and Lola moon over Sidarthur--and the subsequent misadventure to see them in concert--gives the film its most realistic insight to a teenage girl's psyche--and the girls seem to have a great time connecting to one another. In the supporting roles, character actress Headly does a quiet, down-to-earth turn as Lola's mother, while in comparison, Carol Kane really hams it up as the drama teacher Ms. Baggoli, with the wacky hair, lispy speech and hyperactive personality.

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