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Max Payne, Max Payne Review W., W. Review The Secret Life of Bees, The Secret Life of Bees Review Body of Lies, Body of Lies Review
Max Payne
$18 Mil
$11 Mil
The Secret Life of Bees
$11 Mil
Body of Lies
$24 Mil
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About High School Musical 3, igh School Musical 3 movie review, igh School Musical 3 movie photos
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
High School Musical 3: Senior Year gives you an honest jolt of feel-good fizz. It may be as friendly and square as one of those 1950s teen romps in which the actors wore letter sweaters, but that doesn't mean the movie is an uptight anachronism. It's shrewd enough to know that in an era ruled by drop-dead irony, gee-whiz sincerity can be its own rebellion — a wholesome rebuke to consumerist cool. The star jocks and theater bugs of East High School in Albuquerque have already been through championship games, opening nights... read more
Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness

As surely as the experience of fighting a war turns mere men into soldiers, the experience of writing a war movie turns accomplished actors into … screenwriters? To help him get Tropic Thunder down on the page, Ben Stiller drafted actor Justin Theroux (The Ten), who earns his first screenwriting credit with this satire. And did he ever earn it—developing the comic concept with Stiller over the course of a decade... read more

Tropic Thunder

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